“Make a big first impression,

Don’t work for peanuts,

Be all ears,

Know when to put your foot down,

Be gentle no matter your size,

Have BIG ideas,

Charge ahead.”

-An Advice From an Elephant

The Elephant recently became an animal that I have grown to love ever since I was asked during an interview to select something that represents me.

Elephants are one of the most amazing creatures the African continent is proud to have.

An African elephant is different from an Asian one by the shape of its ears. The African elephant’s ear, when stretched out, is quite similar to the African map.

This is an ‘Elephant Appreciation’ post. Weird? I know 😁

  • Elephants are the most emotional animals and they are highly sensitive and caring.

  • They are extremely strong and brave creatures that put others first before themselves.

  • Elephants are wise and faithful creatures. They pay attention to the smallest sounds and slightest movements.

  • They are very happy creatures

  • They symbolize peace and serenity 

  • They are absolutely beautiful and fascinating 

  • Here is a picture done by one of my friends:

By Dubby Ibuoka (Twitter: dubby_i; IG: Dubbyi)

The Elephant has taught me to stand tall and be tough in the midst of trouble; to be peaceful even when standing on shaky ground; to represent where you come from – a symbol of something special; to not be ashamed of your caring, emotional and sensitive side, that’s how you are; to be smart and pay attention to the littlest details- be meticulous; to be faithful; and most importantly, TO BE HAPPY!

An Elephant is special to me, what’s special to you?

-Dumebi xx


photo credit: pinterest.com


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