( I wrote this a while ago)

The rain usually puts me in a good mood to write and feel because I’m a Pluviophile-a lover of RAIN.

The sound of rain needs no translation,

It’s one of God’s many creations,

It’s one of my few inspirations.

I love how the rain softens outlines of things,

The world becomes softly blurred and I melt into it.

If you think sunshine is pure happiness, dance in the rain.

All the sorrow, worry and pain,

None of which will remain.

I’m a raging sea trapped in a rain drop

Let the rain go on, please Lord, don’t let it stop.

I remember I’m mostly water when the rain falls,

As every atom of my body goes home as my bed calls.

If your life is a storm,

Why not dance in the rain?

When it rains look for rainbows

When it’s dark look for stars.

Without rain nothing grows,

Without faith nothing shows.

Regardless of the unending strife,

Learn to embrace the storms of life

I believe the rain is a lullaby for the writer’s soul,

I know it’s mine, just thought you should know.

You were born to be a rainstorm,

To be chaotic and bold,

To show there’s beauty in knowledge,

That you cannot be controlled!

“Raise your words not your voice, It is rain that grows flowers not thunder”

Dumebi x


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